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70% Club

The Sequim-Dungeness Valley Chamber of Commerce is unveiling the ‘70% Club’ – a program to certify and promote businesses who have 70% or more of their staff vaccinated. This program is optional and not required of any business and is open to all businesses in the Sequim-Dungeness Valley region.

To participate businesses will schedule a verification session with Chamber Staff – after this verification has occurred the business will be given a poster and promotional materials and will be listed on the Chamber Website as part of the club. Businesses interested in participating should contact the Executive Director to make an appointment and receive instructions for participation.

This program was the inspired by conversations with non-profits, retailers, and small businesses who wanted to celebrate the incredible work that our community has done to combat the Covid-19 Pandemic, and to support the recovery of our regional businesses and economy.

Members of the 70% Club will begin to emerge in late June and Early July. This program will continue throughout the summer, and new perks to membership will be announced periodically.

This program is funded through a network of grants and was unanimously supported by the Sequim-Dungeness Valley Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

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